Everything You Need To Know About 3D Building Surveys

Today, 3D laser scanners are very popular and it is used in surveying buildings. 3D laser scanning is a surveying technique that accurately and quickly captures 3D information in a complete manner. This can be used to survey different things so they can complete their projects in different levels of precision and in a very detailed manner. Traditional surveying method cannot obtain the results of 3D building methods. Check out  www.gwaliasurveyors.co.uk to get started.

3D laser scanners can get million points in just a second. The laser scanner will fire out laser beams from a mirror, then the mirror will vertically rotate while the scanner will slowly turn in a horizontal circle. These movements will create a 3D point cloud data. There are actually a lot of benefits that can be provided by 3D laser scanners.

Below are the advantages of 3D laser scanners:

Because of 3D laser scanners, people can now have a detailed survey of buildings. The lase can capture the right measurements and features of the building. This was not actually possible before. All of data can be quickly captured by the scanner, which means it reduces the time on site and the disruption of any problems that can affect businesses, property owners and tenants.

You can actually control the range of the laser scanner. It can be extended up to 130 meters. 3D laser scanners can scan the whole building and even the things that are surrounding the buildings. Since laser 3D laser scanners can capture and gather complete data, the client can also request for additional data such as parts that are not included in the original structure or extra elevations. By doing this, the clients do not need to pay for another site visit.

3D laser scanners are very versatile and can be used in different ways such as topographic land surveys , measured building surveys. Accurate modeling of machinery and plants, mapping of different utilities and recording of archaeological information.

When 3D laser scanners are used, it just needs minimal contact to scan the whole building.

The finish product of the laser scanners can also be based on the needs of the clients. It can produce full 3D models and 2D line drawings. All of these advantages cannot be provided by traditional methods.

These are the reasons why 3D laser scanning is the most used technique in surveying buildings. It can quickly capture huge data. Choose a company that can offer affordable 3D laser scanning service.